MHC senior’s frequent-flyer fix

“Early on is the time to be self-critical, because if you’re not harsh on yourself now, the market will be later,” says Regina Ye ’18. “It’s about quality and trust, and making sure you are proud of what you’re offering.”

By: Xiomara Núñez ’20

Frequent flyer Regina Ye ’18 has created the perfect solution to spilled belongings and weight- requirement headaches.

Ye, a computer science major at Mount Holyoke College and founder of ZIRUI, was featured on Huffington Post for her invention — an optimally designed travel case that properly protects cosmetic products and prevents leakages. The Go Case, ZIRUI’s first product, launched on Nov. 1 via Kickstarter.

Adapted to the busy, modern lifestyle, the TSA-approved travel case is comprised of magnetically attached triangular bottles that maximize packing space.

“We spent months searching for the best materials, manufacturers, testing the magnets, the best proportions, and color combinations,” Ye said in the article.

Mount Holyoke’s new entrepreneurship, organizations and society minor played a vital role in Ye’s journey. She took a course titled Entrepreneurship: Idea to Prototype that inspired her to develop her product, which she later continued working on through an independent study. She created the Go Case’s first prototypes using the 3-D printers and other resources in the College’s Makerspace, an all-campus facility that invites students of all subjects and academic disciplines to engage with technology.

“It’s a great time to be a student entrepreneur,” Ye said. “It’s the perfect time for me to take on the challenge.”

She hopes to expand the company’s products to include versions for palettes, brushes and other beauty needs.

“We want to be the future of beauty,” the article quoted her as saying. “We want to make a series of products that reflect the modern needs, and simplify them so people can spend less time getting ready, look great, and go out the door to conquer the world.”

Ye’s development of ZIRUI also earned her a cash prize this summer from Valley Venture’s inaugural Collegiate Accelerator Program.