MHC Student Bills Go Green

Posted: April 24, 2008

Starting in July 2008, paper bills for Mount Holyoke students will be a thing of the past. The College is partnering with CashNet to move paper bills online. "It doesn't make sense to cut down more trees," said Kathy Blaisdell, director of student financial services. "This is a way of using technology to reduce our expenses for producing and mailing paper bills and to be proactive in the reduction of our use of paper."

According to Blaisdell, students will be notified via email when bills are posted, and will be able to view their bills through a link in ISIS. Students will be able to authorize parents or other sponsors to log in separately and view the bills. She emphasized that students must enroll parents and others in the payment program before July 1 so that they can receive notice of the fall semester bill, for which payment must be received by July 31. Online payment options will also be available.

Blaisdell is pleased with the new system. "We now have several sources of online information: financial aid awards and required documents, the online AR account activity, and the point-in-time bill itself. Students can see their payment history, account balance, and amount due. And the online bill will continue to show any pending aid in the form of loans or scholarships just as the paper bill does now."

The online billing system is now in the testing phase. "Once we're satisfied that the eBill and ePayment processes are working as they should, we'll move to production and make them accessible to students," Blaisdell said. "We'll be working with families for the next three months to make sure they understand the new billing process."

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