MHC Top Rated by Newsweek and Daily Beast

Mount Holyoke has been named the nation's best school for foreign students in a new set of college rankings from Newsweek and the Daily Beast.

The publications' editors also ranked MHC twelfth on their list of the country's most academically rigorous schools—ahead of six of the eight Ivy League colleges, including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton—and as the tenth best school for student activists.

In their introduction to the 25 lists designed to help college applicants choose The Best Colleges for You, editors noted that "choosing a college isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision."

"The pressure to pick correctly has become increasingly acute. The process starts much earlier than it did a generation ago, and it foments months of stress for parents and high schoolers alike," they wrote.

The rankings in the 25 lists were based on a variety of measures, ranging from data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics and the College Board, to student assessments in the College Prowler.