MHC's Chef Jeff Knows Dough

Posted: November 8, 2006

Jeff Sadowski--aka Chef Jeff--whose delicious cookies are a staple of the Mount Holyoke diet, is teaming up with local businessman Joseph Jeresaty to market cookie dough. "Zuzzy's, raw cookie dough marketed in pint-sized ice cream-style containers [is] made with pasteurized eggs," according to the November 6 Daily Hampshire Gazette, which featured the two on the front of the business section:

"The two men produce about 80 cases of their product a month and are working to expand and distribute around the Valley and beyond. 'We have some accounts in Connecticut, and we'd like to move it into the Boston area,' said Jeresaty.

"They have five flavors, chocolate chip, Heath bar, M&M, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin and are working on chocolate truffle and Oreo. As an extra touch, when you open the container, you see the 'goodies,' such as chocolate chips or M&Ms, liberally sprinkled on top of the dough. And yes, you can bake the dough into cookies too.

"Jeresaty said they try to keep the recipes as natural and simple as possible."

The product is being carried at local markets and area colleges.

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