MHC's Spring Concert Features The Bravery

Posted: April 10, 2006

Fresh off their extensive European tour with Depeche Mode, The Bravery will perform an exclusive area engagement in Chapin Auditorium at 8 pm Thursday, April 20.

The Bravery, known best for their hit singles "Unconditional" and "An Honest Mistake," were the top pick in the BBC News "Sound of 2005" survey, voted the most promising new act by more than 100 music critics, DJs, and talent buyers. Past winners include Keane and 50 Cent.

The Village Voice proclaimed The Bravery to be "New York's Official Next Big Thing" while MTV, Spin, and Rolling Stonehailed them as artists to watch.

With shades of both goth and glam, The Bravery's postpunk-influenced dance rock has often been compared to fellow Island Def Jam label mates, The Killers, (subjects of the recently highly publicized feud between the bands) and The Strokes. Nicholas Taylor, writer for PopMatters Music Review says this about the band:

"The Bravery are intense, a bit dark, but always driving and rocking, propelled by well-chosen synth lines; steady and kicking drum lines; active yet tasteful bass work; and loud, crashing guitars. Their songs tend to coast on a high plane of intensity and emotion, starting with a head of steam and keeping up that momentum for three or four minutes. These are songs to bang your head or tap your foot to, not to sit down and dissect."

A special consignment of 300 tickets has been made available to the general public for sale at Dynamite Records in Northampton, For the Record in Amherst, TixUnlimited, UMass, Amherst, or at

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