More praise for Lauret Savoy’s Trace.

Lauret Savoy

Professor of Environmental Studies Lauret Savoy’s latest book Trace is an exploration of the past as it is preserved in the earth. In the book, Savoy undertakes a journey across the country, where she finds both her own narrative and the history of race in this nation memorialized in the land itself and in the names and borders imposed upon it. Since its publication, the book has been critically acclaimed and positively reviewed in many venues.

The latest review of Savoy’s book comes from her alma mater, Syracuse University, which Savoy attended as an graduate student in the late 1980s.

Trace, a finalist for the PEN Open Book Award, follows Savoy’s family history as it has been memorialized in the geography of this country. The book, Savoy said to Syracuse University reviewer Rob Enslin, is an effort to “re-member” a narrative that had been literally and figuratively eroded through time and silence.

“These residues of silence and displacement mark us,” said Savoy. “Trace offers my search and discovery of these marks.”

Savoy discusses the book in more depth here.