Mount Holyoke College Expert Available to Comment on Broad Issues Related to the Election

Alternatives To The Electoral College, Popular Vote/Electoral Vote Split, and Spoiler Issues

As the nation comes to terms with the antiquated mechanics of our recent election, the search for alternatives to the country's generally antiquated voting system has begun, with public figures such as Hillary Rodham Clinton and others calling for the end of the Electoral College.

Available to comment on what election alternatives exist for democracies and what is important to look for in any alternative is Douglas J. Amy, a political scientist.

Doug Amy, a professor at Mount Holyoke College, is a national expert on the ways in which other democracies elect their public officials. Just published in October, Amy's book Behind the Ballot Box: A Citizen's Guide to Voting Systems delves into the particulars of each alternative form of democratic elections, as they currently exist around the world.

Amy's timely guide goes well beyond the issues of ballot design and the mechanics of voting to plumb why it is that our current voting system as a whole fails American voters. In particular, readers of this book will learn that several alternative voting systems used by other Western democracies both prevent spoilers and ensure that the winning candidate receives the support of the majority of the voters.

More book information on Behind the Ballot Boxis available at:

Amy is also the author of Real Choices, New Voices: The Case for Proportional Representation Elections in the United States,the only current book discussing the case for proportional representation elections in the U.S., and maintains a Web resource on the topic.

Press Contact: Sarah Grolnic-McClurg, Mount Holyoke College, at 413-538-2030