Mount Holyoke Extension Offers Summer Courses

This summer, Mount Holyoke Professional and Graduate Education will offer college-level courses for academic credit for students of high school and college age and beyond. From a field study in South Africa that will explore the nexus of education, social justice, and human rights, to the literature of Jane Austen, to biomedical ethics, more than 25 courses across disciplines are now open for online registration.

Classes taught by faculty from Mount Holyoke and elsewhere will be offered over two sessions, scheduled for May 28 through July 3 and July 9 through August 14. In addition to the South Africa Field Study, which will be set in Johannesburg and other South African locations during the July 9 term, students can earn credit on campus in abnormal psychology, American Sign Language, world politics, Middle East politics, Italian, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), Victorian detective fiction, general and organic chemistry, and Kingian nonviolence, among many other choices in the arts, sciences, and education.

In addition to these courses, Mount Holyoke Professional and Graduate Education will offer nearly 50 different languages—from Arabic to Zulu—in small group, individual, and online formats through its collaboration with the Five College Center for the Study of World Languages.

“These classes are intended to give students the opportunity to earn transferable credits, to take extra courses needed for a second major or to graduate early, or to reduce the need to earn as many credits during the normal academic year,” said Professor James Hartley, interim director of the Mount Holyoke Extension Program. “They’re also for people who are looking to improve their language skills or for personal enrichment.”

Mount Holyoke Extension operates a wide array of programs—including professional development, vocational training, and courses in the liberal arts—designed to provide a high-quality education to students beyond Mount Holyoke College’s traditional core student body.

All Extension Program classes are open to both men and women. Some residential space will be available on the MHC campus.