Mount Holyoke lights up the town

Nearly 1,500 solar panels will be installed on the roof of Kendall, generating enough power to serve the equivalent of approximately 66 households annually.

In its ongoing efforts toward sustainability, Mount Holyoke College is installing solar panels on the roof of the Kendall Sports and Dance Complex, in collaboration with the South Hadley Electric Light Department, or SHELD. The photovoltaic installation is the agency's first large-scale commercial rooftop solar project. 

The 1,472 panels, which will be installed later this month, will generate 541,600 kilowatt hours of electricity each year, or roughly equivalent to the power demands of 66 households. They are expected to start generating power in the fall. 

As part of Mount Holyoke’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact, the College has set the goal of carbon neutrality by 2037, the College’s 200th anniversary. The solar array will make a significant contribution toward that goal by providing clean, renewable electric power to the athletic center and adjacent campus facilities.

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