Mount Holyoke News Gets a Face-Lift

Posted: April 22, 2008

The Mount Holyoke News staff spent this past weekend, April 18-20, working with Elizabeth Taylor '79, editor of the Books and Sunday Magazine sections of the Chicago Tribune, and David Syrek, a Tribune designer, to give the student weekly a sophisticated and fresh new look. Starting Thursday, April 24, the paper will publish in the new format. "The newspaper reflects the College community as it also connects with the Five College area and the world," Taylor said. "The reinvigorated news design supports the execution of first-rate writing, reporting, and editing of stories to expand the reach of the Mount Holyoke News."

The redesign team made significant changes in both the look and content of the paper. Changes include a stylish and bold nameplate, new type fonts, and a new masthead. The redesigned front page will have a clear hierarchy of stories reflecting sharp editorial judgment. The new page two, "Where It's At," will highlight the abundant entertainment offerings on the Mount Holyoke campus and in the Valley. "The Blotter" will replace the "Public Safety Log." The new News will also be one of the very few college newspapers in the country to feature a Books page.

Emily Wagner, publisher of the News, believes the paper has evolved over the last 14 months. "Two years ago, it was a different publication. With every issue, we feel as though we're getting closer to our goals: engaging the community and providing a credible and hip public forum that students are just as excited about as we are." She noted that while the paper is commonly known as the MHC News, the official name is Mount Holyoke News. The News staff hopes that the new header, a strikingly bold and colorful "MHN," will resolve the confusion.

"Working with Liz Taylor and David Syrek was both revolutionizing and grounding," Wagner said. "David reminded us of what our purpose was on the campus, Liz reminded us that we could have fun while we do it and, together, they've helped us to change the paper to better serve Mount Holyoke."

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