New Sites Added to Eco-Internship Program

This year the Miller Worley Center for the Environment is adding several new internship opportunities to the Summer Leadership Fellowship Program. The roster of experiential learning sites now available to MHC students includes the Boston office of the Environmental Protection Agency; the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission in Springfield; Greenpop, an urban greening and reforestation project in South Africa; and two ecological research positions at Pepperwood Preserve in California and the Cary Institute in New York.

One of the three academic resource centers on campus, the Miller Worley Center helps students develop a critical understanding of fundamental environmental issues and the interactions between people and environmental systems, in addition to exploring social, cultural, historical, political-economic, and scientific dimensions of environmental concerns.

As part of an ongoing effort to provide students with real-life experiences beyond the campus, the center offers Summer Leadership Fellowships, which fund challenging internships arranged exclusively for Mount Holyoke students at selected nonprofit organizations, including Heifer International, the Nature Conservancy, Harvard Forest, Silent Spring Institute, and Worldwatch Institute. The opportunities are individually arranged with sponsors to provide students with connections beyond those offered by typical internship programs. Interested students with relevant backgrounds and majoring in any field may apply.

“We strive to create partnerships with organizations that can offer students essential skills and unique learning opportunities to help them comprehend their scholarship on a deeper level,” says Ruby Maddox, program coordinator for the center. “Our ongoing relationship with these organizations enables students to get the most out of their internships.”

The Miller Worley Center will hold an internship information session on Tuesday, January 29 at 4:30 pm in Kendade 303. Students may call the Miller Worley Center at 413-538-3091 with any questions they have regarding an internship listing and/or visit the website