Brooks: Perkins Shaped by MHC Experience

New York Times columnist David Brooks speaks at the Council for Independent Colleges' 2014 Presidents Institute.

In this excerpt from David Brooks' talk at the Council of Independent Colleges' 2014 Presidents Institute, the New York Times columnist praises MHC alumna Frances Perkins 1902 as an example of a moral champion who was transformed by her college experience.

Titled "Fostering a Life of Inquiry, Virtue, and Social Commitment," Brooks' presentation outlines several historical figures who were motivated in their life and work by a commitment to moral virtue. 

Brooks describes Perkins, an advocate for workers' rights who served as the first female U.S. Cabinet member in her role as Secretary of Labor, as someone whose "moral passions" were ignited by her time at Mount Holyoke.

"She was fired (up) because she went to a school that didn't only focus on the technical skills, but really lit up an internal side," he said.

For the full video, see the Council of Independent Colleges Vimeo channel.