President interviews Jones about the Ukraine.

A ceasefire has somewhat stabilized conflicts between Russian and the Ukraine, but fighting continues, notes Stephen Jones, professor of Russian studies, in the latest episode of “Difficult Dialogues.”

An expert on post-communist societies in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Jones discussed the latest events with Mount Holyoke College President Lynn Pasquerella during her weekly television show, filmed by Amherst Media.

“How will the situation be resolved?” Pasquerella asks Jones. He says it depends partly on Russia’s intentions in the region, which are far from clear.

The duo also discussed the current stasis in the region, Ukraine’s position in Europe, the roots behind the present situation, the possible influence of Europe’s dependence on Russian oil on the actions of both areas’ leaders, the plight of those wounded in the conflict, and whether recent events mark the beginning of a new cold war.