President speaks to UN Women group in Korea.

President Lynn Pasquerella and Dean of Faculty Sonya Stephens met with students, alumnae, and friends at a tea reception in Seoul, South Korea. Photo by Jess Lee ’10

On a recent trip to South Korea, President Lynn Pasquerella shared her perspectives on improving women’s education and building global partnerships among universities. She gave an opening keynote address and participated in panels with university presidents from 14 countries, as part of the World Congress of Global Partnership for Young Women.

The 12-day event, held at Duksung Women’s University in Seoul, was cosponsored by Duksung and United Nations Women. The gathering took as its theme “serving together—education for empowerment”—and aimed to develop leadership skills and global partnership opportunities for the young women attendees. The event also brought attention to barriers to educational attainment faced by women, including domestic violence, sex trafficking, and economic marginalization through unpaid domestic labor, and sought to identify ways to overcome these barriers.

Pasquerella chaired a special session reviewing improvements in women’s status that have taken place in the decades since the Fourth World Conference on Women was held in 1995. The intergenerational dialogue Pasquerella led included female activists, experts from national and international institutions, and young women from Africa and Asia.

She also joined Duksung University’s President Hong in signing "The Seoul Declaration of Global Partnership for Action" and offering comments at the closing session on behalf of all the college and university presidents in attendance. The declaration, Pasquerella says, is an agreement among colleges and universities, UN Women, international organizations, NGOs, and private and public entities to build global partnerships for gender equality and women's empowerment.

While in Seoul, Pasquerella and Dean of Faculty Sonya Stephens also met with students, alumnae, and friends of the College at a special tea reception.

—By Emily Harrison Weir