Professor: New surveillance law insufficient.

Professor Chris Pyle

Updated June 26, 2015

The USA Freedom Act, which went into effect last June 1, allows intelligence agencies to retain data gathering capacities they do not need “and which are a threat to civil liberties,” said Pyle in an article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Chris Pyle is a teacher, scholar, and political activist whose interests range across history, law, and politics, with an emphasis on civil liberties. Pyle first received national recognition in 1970 when he disclosed the military’s massive surveillance of civilian politics and worked to end it as a consultant to Senator Ervin’s Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights, Senator Frank Church’s Select Committee on Intelligence, and the American Civil Liberties Union. These efforts led to his first book, Military Surveillance of Civilian Politics(1986).

He was an early opponent of the Patriot Act, which gave the government enhanced surveillance powers. He currently teaches courses on constitutional law, civil liberties, American politics, American political thought, and decision making in complex organizations.

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