Reiter on U.S. Foreign Policy, Civil Unrest

Andrew Reiter: Assistant Professor of Politics
Contact: 413-538-2812;

Andrew G. Reiter, assistant professor of politics, is an expert on political violence, how wars progress and end, and how societies rebuild from war. He offers insight into transitional justice, war crimes tribunals (or the potential for a tribunal), amnesty, truth commissions, reparations programs, controversies around a monument or memorial, and other issues of political memory.

Reiter’s current book manuscript—Fighting Over Peace: Spoilers, Peace Agreements, and the Strategic Use of Violence—seeks to explain why some civil war peace agreements are implemented rather peacefully while others come under attack from a variety of violent actors. Furthermore, it asks why these attempts at "spoiling" peace prove successful following some agreements and not others. In examining the conditions under which spoilers arise, and their ultimate impact on peace processes, he uses an original dataset of spoiling following 241 civil war peace agreements in the post-Cold War era.

In these videos, Reiter assesses President Obama's foreign policy strategies and discusses the differences in the civil unrest in Libya and Egypt.

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