Retracing Jewish history through music

When Sharon Frant Brooks was looking for musicians to play some old family sheet music from Poland that had recently been handed down to her, she posted an ad on group email lists focusing on Jewish music. She found the perfect person in Adrianne Greenbaum, an associate professor of flute at Mount Holyoke College.

Among Greenbaum’s many musical accomplishments is a reputation as a foremost klezmer musician. The band she founded, Klezical Tradition, has released albums with stellar reviews and awards. Greenbaum also oversees a student klezmer band on campus, which traditionally holds end-of-classes music and dance celebrations.

The story of how she and Brooks partnered up to revitalize the music from the Jewish community of Dubiecko, Poland, is the subject of an article in Lilith, a Jewish feminist magazine.

Greenbaum and her klezmer ensemble, FleytMuzik, have performed several concerts of Brooks’ 60-page folio in Poland and the United States. Last July they celebrated the release of “Farewell to the Homeland Poyln,” an album recorded live at a temple in New Jersey.

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