Sarah Mauro '10 Thinks (And Acts) Locally

Posted: February 16, 2010

By Magdalena Georgieva '10

Looking for internships locally is what Mount Holyoke's Sarah Mauro '10 recommended to fellow students after she completed a summer internship at the Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO). The HSO is the second largest orchestra in New England and, conveniently, not too far from Mauro's family home in Burlington, Connecticut.

"At the HSO, my voice could be heard among the staff, as well as among the community members with whom I worked," said Mauro, adding that through local internships students can impact both an organization and a community. This was one of her goals when she joined the education and community program at HSO and began learning about and helping to shape the arts culture scene in Connecticut.

Mauro, who is a music major with a mathematics minor, assisted the HSO staff with promotional campaigns and set-ups for local concerts, auditions, and education tents for children. A woodwind player, she taught the children how to play orchestra instruments and created musical crafts, such as buzz harmonicas and shaking instruments. She became interested in arts mentoring during a particularly enthusiastic HSO educational event with a group of children at a library in Portland, Connecticut.

"I think one of the best ways to learn is by doing, so I encouraged everyone to pick up an instrument and give it a try," Mauro said. "Pretty soon, kids were forming their own impromptu bands."

The children came from different backgrounds but shared the same interest and curiosity about music. This experience has inspired Mauro to pursue the field of arts education.

After Mauro completed her HSO internship, she brought back her knowledge to the Mount Holyoke community. "Local internships have a great potential to connect you with members of your own community you might never have known," she said.

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