Sean Decatur in The Scientist

In the November 7 issue of The Scientist, associate dean of faculty for science Sean Decatur, Marilyn Dawson Sarles, M.D., Professor of Life Sciences and Professor of Chemistry, is featured in an article on diversity in the sciences. The roundtable discussion among science professors and researchers addresses the current state of diversity in science and how mentoring can help minorities to succeed in the field.

In the article, Decatur talks about his own experience with mentoring: "It's by far what I find the most rewarding part of what I do. It's the way in which scientific research and training are so tightly connected; research in academia depends on the relationships between a faculty member and students and postdoctoral fellows, and mentoring plays an essential role in this process."

The Scientistis a biweekly magazine that covers the latest developments in life sciences research, technology, and business.

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