Senior Exhibition: Body of Work

You can see the work of a promising group of young artists at the Senior Studio Art Thesis Exhibition at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum’s Hinchcliff Reception Hall through May 21. There are pieces on display from Allison Miller ’11, Sarah Obuobi ’11, Nika Meyers ’11, Sarah Coates ’11, Lauren E. Ricke ’11, and Caterina "Fran" Bozzelli ’11.

Bozzelli’s work, No Guts, No Glory: Dissecting Flesh with Paint, is her response to a traumatic surgery two years ago that changed her outlook on life, including her art.

"After the surgery, I felt literally incomplete, and I knew that part of my internal structure was missing," Bozzelli said. "For me, the paintings have become a way of dismantling what happened and piecing together my own reality.

“The reason I think I keep painting surgery images is because I haven't quite figured out what happened,” Bozzelli said. “Each painting is a way for me to approach the topic."