Staff Council Convocation Address

Penny Silveira, President's Office
September 6, 2006

Good morning President Creighton, faculty, staff and students.

As cochair of the Staff Council, I would like to extend a welcome from the College staff to the incoming members of the class of 2010, and welcome back the classes of 2008 and 2009. I'd also like to extend our congratulations to the senior class, the class of 2007, for the start of your final year at MHC.

Mount Holyoke has a staff of the most extraordinary, dedicated, and diverse individuals. You will find us diligently working behind our desks, mowing the lawns, painting the walls, cooking your food, and much, much more. But whatever our job might be, our goal is a common one: to provide an environment for all students to take hold of every bit of learning the College can hand out.

Over the next few months each of you will likely go through a predictable transition. The Class of 2010 will begin adapting to the idea that MHC is now home, despite occasional thoughts of "how is my family doing without me?" The classes of '08 and '09 are reestablishing their lives on campus. It is almost like fluffing your old pillow after you have been away for awhile, isn't it?

The seniors--well, I can tell you that from today Commencement is just 263 days away. All too soon, you will be sitting here again, listening to a few speeches and nervously waiting for your name to be read, hoping that it is pronounced correctly, and thrilled to be able to say, "Phew, I made it." You have much to look forward to over the next 263 days.

The staff is committed to upholding the mission of the College and making sure that every student passing through MHC is provided with the "highest level of academic excellence." Working alongside the faculty, we're committed to providing you with a campus that runs with compassion, dedication, enthusiasm, and a little construction now and then.

On behalf of the Staff Council and all Mount Holyoke College staff, I welcome you and wish you all the best for the coming year. Thank you.

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