Superdelegates 101 from MHC professor

Adam Hilton is writing a book, “From New Deal to Neoliberalism: The New Politics Insurgency and the Transformation of the Democratic Party,” that explores the post-1968 New Politics reform movement.

The Democratic Party’s Unity Reform Commission is likely to eliminate superdelegates, an action that would affect the 2020 presidential election.

That’s what Adam Hilton of Mount Holyoke College wrote in a recent analysis of the commission’s work for The Washington Post.

A visiting lecturer in politics, Hilton researches the relationships between American political parties and social movements and their impact on the development of democratic institutions.

In his article, he reviews the commission, which was created after the 2016 presidential election to healing the break between supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. He also explains the history of superdelegates and what the decision to eliminate them would mean.

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