Survey Reveals MHC Women Satisfied With Many Aspects Of College Life

Satisfaction is running high among students about many aspects of life at Mount Holyoke, according to the latest "Cycles" report. The annual survey is given to a random sample of students at each of the Five Colleges. One key part of the survey asks students how satisfied they have been during the current semester with various aspects of their college experience. Among MHC women, 90 percent or more of those who responded to the survey said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with each of these aspects of their Mount Holyoke experience:
  • overall college experience
  • overall academic experience
  • accessibility of faculty members
  • career counseling and placement services
  • services provided by the registrar's office
  • security on campus
  • athletic facilities and programs
  • availability of College computers and terminals
Eighty percent or more of respondents were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with each of these aspects of their Mount Holyoke experience:
  • academic progress
  • academic advising
  • residential experience
  • professional, live-in housing staff
  • personal counseling services
  • campus food services
Fewer MHC women reported satisfaction with other parts of their College experience, but on even the lowest rating--social life--more than two-thirds of respondents were still satisfied or very satisfied. "These findings are very promising for Mount Holyoke," says Cate Rowen, coordinator of institutional research. "Cycles is an important survey for Mount Holyoke. The administration uses this survey to understand how the College can do a better job in meeting students' needs. The positive findings help us understand what we're doing well, so we can replicate that success in other areas."