"U. S. News": Internships prepare students for careers.

Andrea Kim ’17, a neuroscience intern at Boston Children's Hospital, was among nearly 400 MHC students who completed internships this past summer.

Mount Holyoke College is among the schools leading the way in providing funding for internships and research experiences, according to a recent U. S. News & World Report article.

The story delves into how colleges can help students thrive during and after college. It aims to help high school students choose a college with programs proven to help students succeed.

According to the article, “Participating in undergraduate research or an internship can help students graduate on time and boost their chances at a job.” That’s precisely what Mount Holyoke’s Lynk experience is designed to do.

Mount Holyoke guarantees each student funding for a summer internship or research experience in the United States or abroad. This commitment ensures that each student has the opportunity to explore her career interests, gain practical experience, and develop a professional network.

U. S. News noted, “Experiential learning is so central at many colleges that some, such as Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, fund on-the-job experiences. If your school isn't an internship powerhouse, consider snagging one on your own.”

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