Video: Creativity rules at 24-hour hackathon.

This fall, more than 200 computer science enthusiasts descended on Mount Holyoke College for a 24-hour, student-organized tech hackathon.

HackHolyoke drew more than 200 college students from as far away as Pennsylvania, and more than half of the participants were women.

Each team brainstormed and then stayed up all night working to turn their ideas into reality.

The projects included a way to send a webpage from a laptop to several other computers—with the wave of a hand, an alarm clock that’s purposely hard to turn off, an ankle wrap that sends an arthritis sufferer a text when swelling levels change, and hashtag gloves that allow users to post to Twitter by making the # sign with gloved fingers while speaking a tweet’s content. The invention became a mini-sensation online following the hackathon.

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