Women of Color: Eco Careers and Public Policy

Posted: February 17, 2010

On Thursday, February 25, Mount Holyoke’s Center for the Environment, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Environmental Studies Committee will feature a panel presentation titled “Women of Color in Environmental Leadership, Law, and Public Policy.” The event will take place at 4:30 pm in Kendade Hall, Room 305.

Participants include MHC alumna Stephanie McGregor ’72, associate director of career planning at CUNY Law School; Denise Jordan, chief of staff for the Springfield mayor’s office; Kalila Barnett, executive director of Alternatives for Community and Environment; and Michele Roberts, campaign and policy coordinator for Advocates for Environmental Human Rights.

The panelists will address issues in their respective fields regarding environmental justice, community development, and public interest. Speaking from their own experiences working with nonprofit environmental justice organizations, city government, and academia, the panelists will discuss the innovative approaches that connected them to their careers and offer advice for students considering work in environmental advocacy, urban planning, legal studies, and human rights.

“Helping students connect to nontraditional environmental careers as well as the indirect fields that influence environmental policy is essential to creating an ecoliterate workforce and informed scholarship,” said Ruby Maddox-Fisher, program coordinator for the Center for the Environment. “Recognizing community and leadership diversity enables us to gain a more complete understanding of the connection between culture, society, and environment.”

This event is part of the Center for the Environment’s spring theme, “Policy in Action: Implications for Environmental Education, Literacy, and Leadership,” which explores the multidisciplinary connections between environmental policy, citizen participation, and diverse perspectives. It is also part of Mount Holyoke’s Black Heritage Month celebration.

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