Women’s colleges are the “new college cool.”

More high school girls are applying to women’s colleges, and those who haven’t should consider doing so, according to a Huffington Post article.

In “The New College Cool: Women’s Colleges,” blogger Diane Propsner recaps what she’s learned in two years of reporting on women’s colleges around the country, including Mount Holyoke College.

“What [women’s college students] have in common is that they are academically focused, mature, and fairly independent,” she wrote. “Regardless of their individual stories, dreams, or personality, they are all amazing!”

The article also detailed the top reasons students choose women’s colleges such as Mount Holyoke. Topping the list are excellent academics, exceptional and accessible professors, and an “empowering environment that provides leadership opportunities, study-abroad possibilities, and the chance for self-discovery.”

Many young women don’t consider a women’s college, but they should, Propsner argues. “The girls who changed their minds took the time to see if a single-sex college was right for them. Those that decided it was the best fit say it's the best decision they've ever made.”