About the MHC Shakti Program

MHC Shakti was established in 2016 by Mount Holyoke College President Sonya Stevens and Founding Partners/Mount Holyoke College alumnae Shoba Narayan ’87, Vijaya Pastala ’89 and Gayatri Rangachari Shah ’94. In 2017, Mount Holyoke chose the American School of Bombay (ASB) as its venue partner. ASB’s superior facilities make it an ideal host for the MHC Shakti program. Since 2018, the program has been designed and organized by Mount Holyoke and ASB staff, with continued support and guidance from the Founding Partners.

The aim of the inaugural conference was to ignite leadership in ambitious young women to unlock their potential. While the conference is still committed to developing the next generation of women leaders, the program has expanded its goals and has become a highly interactive series of discussions, presentations and activities designed to help participants better understand themselves, their values, their strengths and their goals. These key aspects of self-awareness are essential for successful leadership.

The impact of MHC Shakti

“I was in a conference where women thrive with women, idealizing a space for everybody. For me to be in that atmosphere was amazingly unreal. MHC Shakti is a world within itself. So many backgrounds.” — Khushi Parikh, 2019 MHC Shakti participant

MHC Shakti Founding Partners

image of Gayatri Rangachari Shah ’94

Gayatri Rangachari Shah ’94

Vice President–India, Tina Brown Live Media
Image of Vijaya Pastala ’89

Vijaya Pastala ’89

Founder and CEO, Under the Mango Tree
Image of Shoba Narayan ’87

Shoba Narayan ’87

Author, "The Cows of Bangalore.”