MHC Shakti Program Application

Application Deadline

MHC Shakti offers a discounted program fee for students who apply by July 3. The regular application deadline is August 3. The application will be available for submission after December 15, 2019.

Deadline Notification Program Fee Due
July 3 (Early bird) July 13 July 24
August 3 On a rolling basis, by August 5 One week after admission

Application Requirements

  1. A completed program application (available after December 15, 2019)
  2. Essay #1 about your goals and thoughts about leadership (see essay prompt below)
  3. Essay #2 describing a skill or personal quality you hope to develop (see essay prompt below)

Application Essay Prompts

(300 words or less for each essay)

Essay #1: Imagine your life 10 years from now when you are pursuing the career of your choice. How do you see yourself as a leader? Who are the leaders who inspired you and why? Describe how your values and goals are linked to your leadership style.

Essay #2: As you consider your future, identify one or two interpersonal skills you wish to develop that will help you work with others, build a network and set a positive example for others.