MoHome and Away

Mount Holyoke is an uncommon community. We continue to strengthen our bonds, venture out of our comfort zones, forge ahead, support each other and celebrate MoHome.

Spring 2021 Start

We look forward to an incredible spring for all of our students, no matter where they are. Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Marcella Runell Hall and Interim Dean of Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dorothy Mosby discuss this semester, including health and safety, what classes will look like and spring events.

Health, safety and community

What will classes look like this spring?

Spring events and welcoming students back


Highlights and challenges of the fall semester 2020

SGA President Maya Sopory ’22 is joined by Haya Diwan ’21, Kuzivakwashe Madungwe ’21, and Shweta Kiran Cavale ’23 in a roundtable discussion on the highlights and challenges of this year.

Join Rich Perna, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services on a tour of the dining commons and learn about the safety protocols that have been put in place to keep everyone safe.


Happening in the Community

Infographic: 1,200+ community gatherings and meeitings

MoHome from Home By the Numbers

From mid-March through the fall, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mount Holyoke prevailed in its exceptional academic and community offerings.
A person is greeted as they enter the testing center

COVID-19 Testing Center

Keeping our community safe. Learn more about Mount Holyoke’s testing protocols and facility.
Digital icons representing subjects such as biology, english, math, etc.

Top Majors: What makes them popular?

There are many opportunities for study at Mount Holyoke. Learn more about some of the most popular majors.

Upcoming Events


Can you spot Jorge?

Enjoy this look on campus through the Miller Worley Center Campus Living Laboratory webcam.


Bring Mount Holyoke Home

Zoom backgrounds

Use a Mount Holyoke background. Scroll through and click on the image you like. When the image opens, click on the download icon in the lower right corner.

Illustration of the rose window in the library reading room

Download our coloring pages, print them and make them your own.

3D Models to Print and Build

Check out the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab’s Paper Architecture Series. Choose a building, download the file, print it out, and follow the included directions to replicate some of the campus at home.