Energy Use

Chart depicting BTUs Consumer Per Year per Square Foot from 1997-2018

This chart shows Mount Holyoke College's energy use since 1997, normalized by total building gross square footage [GSF]. Building square footage has increased 12% during this period.

Thermal energy use has declined over time, down 13% from 1997 – 2018. The increased load for new buildings has been offset by installing more efficient systems, advanced digital controls, better windows, improved insulation and solar hot water.

In contrast, electrical use has increased 33% since 1997, peaked in 2004 and has declined 16% from that peak while remaining 33% above 1997 use. This is primarily due to the increase in summer cooling; but also the increased use of computers and other electronics across campus. However, we have reduced electricity use by 16% since the peak in 2004 through efficiency projects such as efficient lighting and mechanical equipment and conservation programs.