Environmental Curriculum

The environmental curriculum at Mount Holyoke is inclusive, integrative and interdisciplinary.

Students prepare to tackle the world’s most complex issues as environmental leaders, learning to solve global problems in responsible, just and equitable ways. They develop a deep scientific understanding of environmental issues, within the context of ecological, social, cultural, historical, political and economic realities.

Image of students at the 2016 Bag the Community food drive.
A Weissman Center program where students can connect with communities where active, hands-on learning and environmental impact are possible.
Cultivating Action, Kim Meersma '15
MCH students learn innovative thinking and design with opportunities to develop sustainable solutions to safeguard our planet and improve people’s lives.
Photo of a lily pad
Study the interactions between people and their environment, the effects the environment has on people & the impact of human activities on the environment.
Catheleen Heyliger "No More" Project in Haiti
Impacting leadership in local and global sustainability through education, research, and a culture of sustainability across campus.
Group photo of students and alums in the Massachusetts Senate chamber
Students interested in environmental advocacy can pursue internships and seminars through the Leadership and Public Service program in the Weissman Center.
Students get to work restoring the site.
A program designed for students who want to dig in, design experiments, monitor progress and take the lead in reversing ecosystem degradation and damage.