What MWCE Can Do for Me

Sophiya Shrestha ’08
The economics major had made environmental issues—particularly sustainable development—part of her MHC curriculum.

Michelle Moon ’07
As a human ecologist, Michelle focuses on the interconnectedness between the environment and everyday life.

Maya Pillai ’07
Shocked by the nonchalant use and disposal of plastic bags in the U.S., politics major Maya hopes to turn her activism toward policy-making issues.

Allison Neher ’07
While in the Republic of Georgia, Ally studied the link between environmental change and acute conflict, the topic of her senior thesis.

Safina Singh ’07
River pollution in her native Nepal inspired Safina to apply early decision to MHC, where she could major in environmental studies.

Aileen Suzara ’06
This award-winning activist explores the other "faces" of environmental issues, including indigenous rights, women's health, and environmental racism.

Danielle Connor ’06
The Frances Perkins Scholar pursued agricultural research in Brazil and Costa Rica and most recently worked as a farm intern in Arizona.

Hilary Noll ’05
Focusing on globalization, sustainable development, and justice issues, the environmental studies major was inspired by MHC's supportive faculty.