Future Plans

Community Involvement

Plans are underway to invite South Hadley elementary schools to the garden site for place-based education. The garden would serve as an outdoor classroom for these schools to engage in “hands-on” activities in the principles of agroecology. MHC students will interact with the elementary students as mentors, helping them gain a better understanding of the source of their food and the benefits of healthier eating habits. The project would allow elementary school educators to have a resource outside the classroom in which they can explore science and agriculture and possibly develop plans for creating their own school gardens.


With the success of three years behind us, the Garden Project is poised for expansion of space and activities. This expansion will allow faculty, staff or student organizations to make use of the garden. This will further integrate the garden into the MHC community,  incorporating various disciplines, links to the curriculum and other community-building programs.

MHC’s Agricultural History

During WWII, MHC students cultivated 9 acres in the spirit of Victory Gardens, to contribute to local food production, and plans are underway to connect the Garden Project with alumnae from the classes of 1943 – 1948. The goal of this project is to obtain first-hand accounts of the agricultural activities that took place during that time and to gain a better understanding of how social, political, and economic movements are linked to agricultural production.

Victory Garden
Photo courtesy of Mount Holyoke College Archives