MHC Green Living Council

What is the Green Living Council?

The Green Living Council is a residential program to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility among Mount Holyoke students. The Green Living Council is composed of students dedicated to encouraging sustainable behavior among students within the residential community.

Student members of the GLC include Green Living Council Reps, representing each residence hall, and ECO-Reps, who work for the Campus Sustainability office. The GLC works closely with the Center for the Environment, Campus Sustainability, and Residential Life to develop education programs focused on green living within the residence halls.  Educational topics include energy and climate change, water conservation, recycling, waste reduction, sustainable foods. The student ECO-Reps coordinate the activities of the Council.

Being a GLC Rep on the Green Living Council is a wonderful opportunity to take on a leadership role, meet a great group of students, hone your advocacy skills, and have a positive impact on your campus and the world. All that is needed to apply for this position is an interest in environmental issues, enthusiasm, and commitment. All GLC Reps will receive training and information about environmental sustainability throughout the year.

What are the Responsibilities of a Green Living Rep?

Serving on the Green Living Council is a significant, yet very rewarding, time commitment. As a GLC Rep, you will serve as a Green Living expert and environmental advocate, linking your residence hall and the GLC. You will be responsible for promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability in your residence hall through educational programs and other activities. There will be many valuable educational opportunities, such as environmental stewardship training workshops, that will be available to support you in your role as a Green Living Council Rep.

Specific responsibilities for a GLC Rep include:

  • Participate in workshops throughout the year to learn about Green Living opportunities and techniques for promoting environmental awareness
  • Represent your residence hall on the Green Living Council
  • Attend meetings of the entire Green Living Council twice a semester
  • Participate in small groups with other GLC Reps and ECO-Reps
  • Plan and implement programming in your residence hall
  • Collect data on environmental performance (e.g., waste or energy audits, shower length surveys)
  • Help coordinate competitions between residence halls (e.g., War of the Watts)
  • Engage with other students in your residence to encourage sustainable behaviors

How do I Apply?

To apply, fill out this application.