How to Apply

The Miller Worley Center internship program is selective. Applying for a Miller Worley MHConnect internship involves both completing the Lynk Universal Application Funding process through the CDC and completing the Miller Worley Center’s internship process. Required steps and deadlines for both processes are below:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the CDC’s internship process through the online Lynk Summer Internship UAF Orientation. All students pursuing MHConnect opportunities must be eligible for Lynk funding (and thus current sophomores and juniors only) and complete the Lynk UAF process before the deadline.
  2. Begin the Lynk UAF application in the Applications section of the Self Service area on Step 1 of the Lynk UAF application must be completed by February 15, 2019 at 5 pm.
  3. Consider the Miller Worley Center pre-advising reflection questions (below).
  4. Schedule a pre-application meeting with the Miller Worley Center. Please email to schedule an appointment.
  5. Apply to Miller Worley MHConnect internships on Handshake, our job, internship and resource portal. The deadline to apply for internships is March 1, 2019. These placements requires a cover letter, resume, and faculty reference. (The CDC has many workshops for crafting strong cover letters and resumes; please refer to their workshop schedule.)

Internship offers will be made in March. If you have been offered and accepted an internship placement, you must complete Step 2 of the Lynk UAF application by 5 pm by the last day of spring semester finals.

Pre-Advising Reflection Questions

Before you start to search for an internship or research project, the Miller Worley Center encourages you to reflect on what you want to get out of the experience. Once you have answered the following questions, make an appointment with Ruby Maddox, internship coordinator, to discuss options and opportunities. Your answers will help tailor your advising session. They will also help you prepare your Lynk UAF application if you decide to apply for summer funding.

  • What do you want from an internship or research experience?
  • What new skills or knowledge (professional and academic) do you hope to gain?
  • What prior experience, set of skills, or knowledge base do you want to build from or leverage?
  • What contributions would you like to make to your internship organization?
  • Are there particular organizations you are interested in or types of roles you hope to have?
  • Where do you want this internship to be, geographically?
  • How many hours can you devote to an internship?
  • What obstacles might you face in obtaining or succeeding in your ideal internship?
  • What concerns or questions do you have?

Faculty References for Miller Worley MHConnect Applicants

Faculty members do not provide written student recommendations to the Lynk UAF (Universal Application Funding) system.  However, Miller Worley MHConnect internships do require a faculty reference. These references help on-campus committees and the host organizations decide among applicants.

Faculty are invited to provide a student's reference by completing this brief online form. The form includes a file upload option if you would prefer to attach a scanned copy of a formal letter on letterhead. If the student is applying to more than one Miller Worley MHConnect opportunity, please tailor one reference to speak to multiple positions.

Please reach out to Ruby Maddox, internship coordinator with any questions about references.