Criteria for Miller Worley Center Internship Opportunities

MWCE Objective:
To enable Mount Holyoke students to make connections across disciplines, across points of view, and across structures that help them understand the concept of “environment” more broadly in their work, community and lives.

The Miller Worley Center for the Environment is dedicated to creating new approaches to learning that engage students more actively in the scientific, social/human, and global dimensions of environmental study, and to developing an interdisciplinary education program that is embedded in the broader College curriculum.

To this end the Center aims to partner with internship hosts with the ability to provide the following outcomes to our students:
•    Greater knowledge of diversity of environmental issues
•    Greater knowledge of environmental issues across disciplines
•    Career path & professional skills development opportunities

An addition to MWCE criteria all internship opportunities must fall under Mount Holyoke College’s definition of Relevant and Substantive Learning Opportunity in order for students to qualify for funding.