Elizabeth Dickson 'FP13

Audubon Society, Bremen, ME
Major: Environmental Studies

Project Puffin is part of the Audubon Society's Seabird Working Group which studies the populations of nearly all seabirds nesting on their 6 islands in the Gulf of Maine.  I worked as a field researcher measuring productivity, conducting feeding studies, nesting habitat maintenance and restoration, and predation control. My responsibilities included daily species count, egg and chick counts, nest counts, bird banding, feeding study blind stints, resighting stints, predation control, and habitat maintenance and restoration.  I acquired the ability to identify a wide variety of sea and song birds, use a variety of bird bands, learn about geo-locators and other tracking devices, and the skill of working with a small group of people over long periods of time and living with them 24/7.  I did not expect to learn as much as I did or to work with as many species as I did.  I would now feel confident working with any bird species and feel I have solid biological field working skills which can translate to a variety of job types.