Emilijia Landbergis '14

Institute for Architecture & Urban Studies-  New York, NY
Major: Architecture Studies
I interned at the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in New York City. At the Institute, housed within the firm of Kevin Kennon Architects, I critically studied and redesigned Penn Station. I was able to narrow my interest to specific site pertaining to sustainability and transportation, which are focuses in my architectural interests.
For forty hours per week, I was in the architecture studio or doing field research for my project. Under the mentorship and guidance of Brian Holland and Laura Foxman, I visited the site on multiple occasions to study its history and social context, and used that knowledge to conceptualize a new design for the site. I drew plans and sections and built models. The program concluded with a presentation of my work to a panel of architects, who provided beneficial critiques of my work.
Mia Landbergis at Institute for Architecture & Urban Studie