Jordon Gigler '14

WWOOF-Eks Östergård, Sweden

Major: Film Studies

The WWOOF program is an organization that links people wishing to live and work on farms in certain countries with a series of potential hosts in the desired country. I worked on a small family farm called Kalbo Mellangård about 2 hours southwest of Stockholm, and my functions were primarily in the realm of animal care and maintenance.

My responsibilities on the farm varied from day to day, but I was primarily in charge of feeding the goats, rabbits, hens, cats, calfs, sheep and horses. Often I would perform repairs on fences and animal shelters, and also tend the vegetable garden. Some skills I learned are sheep herding, fence building, wild mushroom picking, proper hay cultivation and barn hygienics. Before starting this project, I anticipated the education I received from it to be a lot more formal and straight-cut than it was. Workdays were always busy, but relaxed. I learned so much about nature and sustainable living, but this knowledge reached me gradually and mostly from doing things hands-on, on my own, rather than having it explained to me by my hosts.

Jordan Gigler at WWOF