Lobsang Chodon '14

UMASS Cranberry Station- UMASS, Amherst, MA

Major: (Special) Plant Chemistry

I interned for the Plant Physiology Laboratory at Umass Cranberry Station. It consists of various other laboratories that work on entomology, hydrology, pathology, nutrition and integrated pest management with regards to cranberry plants.

My responsibility as an intern was to serve as the primary assistance to a resident graduate student, who was working on her research project and aiding her professor/supervisor and lab technician in data collections and analysis, sample preparation and data organization. My role comprised of working in the lab and going out in the cranberry bog to collect data. 
I learned about the daily work of cranberry growers by living with one of local growers. I also learned to collect field data from various instruments installed on bogs such as a weather station (which is connected to tensiometer), infrared sensors, soil moisture probe, hobo (collects data on temperature and humidity), tipping bucket and rain gage.

Lobsang Chodon at UMASS Cranberry Station