Relebohile Phoofolo '11

Water Security In South Africa - Johannesburg, South Africa
Major: International Relations, Spanish

My interest in public reform policies in Latin America and Southern Africa has lead me to procure a research internship on water and land affairs in 

South Africa. The internship in South Africa will be under the guidance of Mr. Reginald Teka Teka, Chair of the Southern African branch of the Global Water 

Partnership and consultant to the South African government on water affairs. Through the internship I will learn more about South Africa's water security challenges; and the steps the government is taking to face them. After the completion of the internship, I will work with Professor Mckeever on an independent study project to further flesh out my work. 

Through the internship I hope to find solutions to water shortages and
supplies of fresh water in Southern Africa. I have been conscience of the
importance of water security as I come from a country, Lesotho, where water supply is volatile. I have experienced several water shortages, to extreme droughts. Southern Africa has very poor dam and irrigation systems in place; additionally the regions fresh water supply is highly polluted by
foreign corporations who's factories use the water streams as their dumping grounds. It is my belief that creating dams, installing more and better
irrigation systems, and improving water purification plants, that water will be more accessible in the future. Through this internship I hope to gain a better understanding of the current policies in place regarding the creation and installation of the above-mentioned systems in Southern Africa. To work with Mr. Teka Teka would be ideal as he was involved with the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, a South African and Lesotho initiative to create more dams.