Shristi Shrestha ‘15

MHC Student Garden - South Hadley , MA
Major: Undeclared

This past summer, I worked with two other Mount Holyoke students to plan and sustain the MHC Student garden. I also had the opportunity to attend The Northeastern Organic Farming Association Conference in Amherst where I was exposed to a range of concepts related to sustainable agriculture. As a result of this summer experience, I think more critically about the food on my plate. In fact, this internship got me thinking more about healthful food production in environmentally sustainable ways. Alongside the internship, I also did an independent project that entailed studying nature in terms of art. I made drawings at the garden. I also interviewed a couple of artists around the Pioneer Valley to learn about the inspirations and intentions along with objective methods behind their work. Furthermore, I learned about their views on the aesthetic qualities of the natural world and on human interventions in the natural environment.