Sofiya Taskova '12

Harvard Forest - Petersham, MA

Major: Computer Science
I spent the summer of 2011 working with Mount Holyoke Prof. Barbara Lerner and Harvard Forest ecologist Dr. Emery Boose on the problem of scientific data provenance. Scientific data provenance is essential for verifying the authenticity of results and reproducing experiments and analyses.

I worked in a team of three undergraduate computer science students to design and build a software tool that can collect, store, and retrieve provenance that is interesting to the scientist.

I had the rare chance to participate in this software engineering project in great proximity with the target user. I was able to observe very closely the processing of scientific data of Dr. Boose's hydrology project in the forest (I even collected data from the sensors in the field!) and I learned a lot of programming and debugging skills from my project partners.

The people I met at the program are some of the best friends I have made during my entire college career.

I have participated in the data provenance project for two summers and I am currently working on a senior thesis project on the topic, which I am, unsurprisingly, very excited about.