Veronica Crosier '13

Global Visions International - Shimoni, Kenya

Major: Geography

This summer I traveled to Shimoni, Kenya to volunteer for Global Visions International’s South Coast Kenya project.  During my 12 weeks abroad, I participated in the marine and terrestrial conservation program as well as the community service program.  I was assisted in data collection for the only dolphin research program in Kenya and also assisted in tracking location and travel patterns of the endangered Angolan Black and White Colobus Monkey.  While not working on data collection, I spent much of my time in the community.  My community service involved teaching at the local primary schools where I led lessons in English, math and creative arts, and helped organize after school groups such as the Wildlife and Environmental Club.  I also helped with local organizations such as Friends of Shimoni Forest, the Shimoni Adult Environmental Education group and Mkwiro Women’s Group.

Halfway through my program, I was offered an unpaid staff position which allowed me to work more closely with the data I had been collecting and also allowed me to see more of what goes on behind the scenes in big conservation NGOs.  Most importantly, my time as a staff member opened me up to possible job opportunities post-graduation and proved to be an excellent networking experience.