Environmental Internship Connections

The environmental internships these students undertook in summer 2019 were funded by the Miller Worley Center for the Environment. They represent just a sample of the wide range of possibilities for research and internships. Please email Ruby Maddox, internship coordinator for the Miller Worley Center, for more information. The perfect summer experience could be just an email away.
Grace Remillard ’20 on campus
“Finding something that you like to do is about 2/3 what you are doing, and 1/3 who you are doing it with.”
Christine Skroski ’20, standing with her mentor in front of a wall of flags.
“This experience reaffirmed my goals to work in sustainable development.”
Anne Bevin, standing next to a series of graphs depicting her research.
This internship was my first experience in science research, and it made me want to continue on to a future in research related to renewable energy.
Lerato Mashale ’20
“I learned that I needed to be confident with my own strengths, acknowledge my expertise and always be ready to pitch the success of my business.”