Environmental Internship Connections

The environmental internships these students undertook in summer 2018 were funded by the Miller Worley Center for the Environment. They represent just a sample of the wide range of possibilities for research and internships. Please email Ruby Maddox, internship coordinator for the Miller Worley Center, for more information. The perfect summer experience could be just an email away.
Photo of Bianca Quintero ’18 at Rapa Nui
“I learned that the teaching and learning process is a two-way street. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
Photo of Neorgia Grant ’20 standing along a path during her internship with the Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency in Jamaica
“Be proactive! Bring your ideas to the table and take initiative.”
Photo of Theo Claire ’20 working with plants during an internship with the Elwha River Restoration Project on the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington
“Working with the Elwha River Restoration Project was probably the best nine weeks of my life. I would encourage any interested student to apply!”
Photo of Halee Mahoney ’20 in a canoe during her internship at the Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center
“I came into the internship knowing nothing about submerged aquatic vegetation, but by jumping in, I learned much more than I ever would have thought.”
Photo of Tess Hosman ’20 sitting between two cows during her internship at Animal Place, just outside of Sacramento, California
“An internship doesn't have to just be a job, it can also be an entire new experience.”
Photo of Maya Sterett ’20 and two others during her internship with Project Puffin
“The birds were running the show, and our schedules were based on how they behaved, not what was convenient for humans.”