Ayoola White '13

Gardening the Community - Springfield, MA
Major: Anthropology

As an intern with Gardening the Community (GtC), I was responsible for managing farmers’ market booths, organizing customer information for our farm shares program (GtC Eats!), and leading youth in teambuilding activities and garden maintenance. The most challenging aspect of the internship was that it was up to me to define my own role. Sometimes, I did not feel knowledgeable enough to do this. After all, I have never worked in an agricultural environment before, though I have had experience learning about the importance of sustainable agriculture from a previous summer opportunity called the Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT). I found myself repeatedly having to defer to my supervisors. I certainly do not mind asking questions for clarification, but, if I were to work with this organization again, I would make sure that I not only knew what specifically was expected of me, but I would also do more research regarding how urban agriculture projects are run and create my own personal goals building off of that knowledge.