Bliss Parsons '13

Research: Science, Politics, and Power in Environmental
- South Hadley, MA
Major: Environmental StudiesĀ Concentration: Policy, Politics, and Economics

This past summer I secured a fellowship with the MWCE for the Research Internship on Science, Politics, and Power in Environmental Policy, as a research assistant with Catherine Corson. During this ten-week internship, I gained valuable experience with improving my researching skills, as I utilized numerous bibliographic databases to sift through scholarly articles and literature. We worked closely with Professor Corson to find relevant works to help aid her in her research for writing articles, grant proposals and for updating a book she is currently writing on biodiversity conservation in Madagascar. Through this experience, I gained a critical eye for detail, accuracy, and efficiency when compiling, cataloguing, and editing references, and through transcript writing. I also expanded my knowledge base on several international environmental topics, including biodiversity conservation, neoliberal conservation and nature, parks and protected areas, ethnography and indigenous knowledge, deforestation, community based conservation, natural resource management, research on Congressional Budget Justification Reports and research on the dynamics and effectiveness of REDD, the UNCBD, USAID, and the UNFCCC.