Bountiful Brookline

Duration: 25-30 hours per week, 12 weeks, June - August

Location: Brookline, Mass

Position Title (2 positions): Program Assistant, Garden Assistant

Housing: Housing will not be provided. Students are responsible for finding their own housing.

Funding: $3000
Available through the Center for the Environment Summer Leadership Fellowship Program; see application instructions.

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About the Organization:
Bountiful Brookline, is a volunteer based local food initiative, founded in 2009 in response to unmet needs for locally grown food. Our vision is for Brookline to create and sustain a local food system with fresh, healthy food produced and accessible for all. A diverse urban edge community next to Boston, land costs make it unfeasible to create a single site community farm. With 60,000 residents and a 100 plot community garden, present access to garden space is limited. We believe that food can be grown anywhere and envision a Brookline where food is grown at homes and schoolyards, on public and private land as well as greenhouses, roofs, walls and fences throughout our community.

With many factors impacting the cost of fresh healthy food, coupled with economic and lifestyle concerns, we provide creative, effective ways to address these needs. We partner with institutions, businesses and individuals to grow more food and educate and inspire opportunities for increased local food production.  Bountiful Brookline continues to develop our “home” garden as an urban farming demonstration site.