Dana Rubin '12

Cambridge Energy Alliance - Cambridge, MA
Major: Environmental Studies 

I had the opportunity this past summer to work for the Cambridge Energy Alliance in Cambridge, MA. As one of ten interns, I had the specific task of trying to better engage the  Cambridge youth community in energy efficiency practices. As the CEA’s “youth liaison,” I met with several community members that were involved in the school district and city youth centers, to implement energy efficiency curriculums in classrooms and after school programs. I embraced my creative side and designed hour-long lessons to teach students about reducing their carbon footprint in fun and artistic ways.  This was a great experience and I am thrilled to share that classrooms in Cambridge, Boston and now the pioneer valley are embracing the activities. This semester we are initiating a CBL program at Peck Middle-School to run an Energy Efficiency after-school pilot program using the lessons and activities that were created this summer. Wish us luck!  Check out the lessons and pass them along!